Esteemed Members of Turkish-Ukrainian Business World,

We believe that it is very essential to be together with those who share our values, perspectives , goals and ideas, rather than staying out of all of these in the course of the persistent changes, economic crises and business challenges.

TUSİB Union of Industrialists and Businessmen of Ukraine and Turkey was established to bring business people together to search for cooperation and create a productive business environment in both countries.

We, as witnesses of changes in the Ukrainian economy, are successful businessmen in this country. Every day we strive to develop an investment environment, to create a healthy and competitive business climate and to ensure the freedom of business.

Representatives of strong companies, Share holders ,Directors, General Managers, that share the same objectives, business ethics ,are members of this Non Profit organization.
Our members are considering themselves a member of the TUSIB family , strive for developing business relations of Turkey and Ukraine, and feel happy with the positive results made with their valuable contributions.

Yours faithfully,

Board Management

Union of Industrialists and Businessmen of Ukraine and Turkey “TUSIB”

Board member: Zafer ÖZBAY

Board member: Sezai PARLAK

Board member: Can UĞURLUCAN

Board member: Haldun GÜVENIR

Board member: Hasan BAŞER